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Always Continue Mastering Your Craft

Well, I have shirked my blog writing responsibilities, haven't I? Forgive me as I try to get a bit more consistent in my musings. Today I wanted to touch upon the importance of continually developing and growing in your craft. As a creative photographer, I just adore shooting. I could carry a camera 24-7. My iPhone is constantly filling up my phone's storage. I see a photo in everyone and everything. Yep, I'm a nut! But it's embedded in my DNA. And because of all this, I know that THIS is my life purpose. Over the years I've attended photography trade shows, weekends filled with seminars & speakers offering me countless lessons on growing my photography business. I've watched endless hours of online courses to develop my skill-set. Though all this work in advancing myself has been valuable and I've had fun doing it, I still return to the thing that gets me the most jazzed about photography, and that is going out with a group of other photographers

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