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Add some salty air and a dramatic sunset to your next session!

Beach sessions are by far some of my favorite to shoot, especially at sunset here in Florida. Unless it's rainy, the sunset NEVER disappoints! Even if it does rain during the day, some of the best sunsets are just after the rain or as cloud cover is moving in.

Hubby and I were down on AMI last week (AMI is short for Anna Maria Island - If you haven't been, you MUST go! It's a lazy, little, laid back beach community). I had a mini-session with Miss Sarah and her cousins while we were there. Sarah's sister, Emma should have joined us, but due to a mishap on the beach walkway, she was laid up with a broken foot! Poor thing! Next year, Emma, for sure!

Sarah's family visits twice a year from Tennessee and are regulars on the island. It's tradition for us to get together with the whole clan and do a little sunset shooting on the beach (and some grilling too!) . I just love this family (as I do all my clients! I am so blessed, y'all are SO MUCH FUN!)

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